Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere is the world's first and only BitLocker solution for Windows 10 Home Edition, and with the easy encryption wizard, enabling BitLocker drive encryption in Windows 10 Home is as easy as it can be. 妻のお義母さんがPCがおかしいというので見てみたところ、起動時にBitLockerが回復キーを求めてくるようになっていました。 それ自体はさほど驚かなかったのですが、よく考えるとこのPCたしかWindows 10 Homeだったはず。 あれ?BitLockerってWin10 Proからの機能じゃなかったっけ?
Microsoft expects that most devices in the future will pass the testing requirements, which makes BitLocker Device Encryption pervasive across modern Windows devices. I would like to Turn On BitLocker on my Windows 10 Home PC. Activer BitLocker sous Windows 10. Also in Services, I've made BitLocker Drive Encryption as Running. But there is no settings under System and Security.

Le chiffrement de l’appareil est disponible sur les appareils pris en charge exécutant n’importe quelle édition de Windows 10. Data is private and deserves to be protected whether it belongs to a home user or a pro user. With Windows 10, Microsoft offers BitLocker Device Encryption support on a much broader range of devices, including those that are Modern Standby, and devices that run Windows 10 Home edition. This topic for the IT professional provides an overview of the ways that BitLocker Device Encryption can help protect data on devices running Windows 10.
Windows 10 Home doesn't include BitLocker, but you can still protect your files using "device encryption." RE: Windows 10 Home Bitlocker encrypted This is wonderful info, especially when your computer operates so you can do this, what if your pc crashes, win 10 home version and user or owner in my case and administrator has no knowledge about encryption nor that is on my system, especially when everything I have read states that bitlocker is not supported by win 10 home. Maintenant on va activer BitLocker sur un lecteur pour le chiffrer. Upgrading to Pro Edition cannot be accepted as a justifiable reply to this question? BitLocker frequently asked questions (FAQ) This topic for the IT professional answers frequently asked questions concerning the requirements to use, upgrade, deploy and administer, and key management policies for BitLocker. Commencez par ouvrir l'explorateur Windows, puis dans "Ce PC" effectuez un clic droit sur le lecteur système "C" et cliquez sur "Activer BitLocker". This … Si vous souhaitez utiliser le chiffrement BitLocker standard à la place, celui-ci est disponible sur les appareils pris en charge exécutant Windows 10 … But while clicking on Manage BitLocker turns up with no results. The following sections will describe in detail how to do this. So why should the home users be denied of this secure feature? Any help will be appreciated. III. BitLocker Encryption for Windows 10 Home Why doesn't Microsoft allow BitLocker Encryption feature in Windows 10 Home Edition?