The Tern Vektron combines a serious folding commuter bike and the new more powerful Bosch Active Line Plus drive system to create a bike that our customers have been asking for: a folding bike that is simply just a great bike for riding in any situation, and that will climb any hill.. We love the Vektron's fun and sporty ride. The Tern Vektron is a 20” wheel folding e-bike, powered by a Bosch Active system.
Tern Vektron is a folding electric bike. So being foldable has certain advantages in terms of volume it occupies.Folding mechanism make these bikes both more vulnerable and heavier.

Bosch-powered motor. Most e-bikes put their motors in either the front or rear wheels.
Available at Bike Attack Playa Vista, Culver City, Los Angeles. Schwalbe is famous for its high-end tires. Based upon stylings of their Verge frame, Tern have built an entirely new pedalec electric folding […] Pros of Tern Vektron Tern Vektron electric folding bike offers Schwalbe tires. The Tern Vektron is a folding e-bike with a smooth ride See all photos +3 More. They are better than Maxxis. [ad_1] Jasper June 17th, 2017 Commuting, Electric, Folding Eagerly awaited worldwide, we’ve secured two of Australia’s six Tern Vektron S10 folding e-Bikes* built to an exceptional quality and providing a brilliant and adaptable ride. Your everyday travel companion, the Tern Link D8 folding bike is a convenient option whether your trip is exclusively on 2 wheels or in combination with buses, trains or automobiles. The second generation Tern Vektron improves upon the acclaimed original model with a lighter, more powerful motor and a reinforced rear rack. The new Bosch Active Line Plus motor is beautifully balanced with 25% more power than the previous model. The 2019 Tern Vektron S10 improves upon the original’s über-compact folding design with more power and a bigger rack. Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Tern’s Vektron S10 (Generation 2) is a sturdy electric folding bike that features Bosch Active Plus drive unit, new relaxed frame geometry, and an Atlas rear rack that allows for more usable surface area. The Bosch Active Plus motor …