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We invite you to visit our cozy restaurant, where you can relax from daily worries, where you can enjoy our specialties, where you will find warmth and comfort, where problems end and the rest begins.

The Muscat restaurant is not just a restaurant, it’s a club of non-random people, a club of connoisseurs of exemplary cuisine and good music. In every dish and music there is something inexplicable, something that can only be felt and cannot be explained in words. The Muscat restaurant is a holiday every evening. Here at your service are two cozy halls for 50 people, where everything contributes to a complete quiet rest, the atmosphere, stylish interior, car parking, taxi call, payment by credit card – will make you feel welcome guest. We have a wide selection of snacks and drinks for every taste. A team of professionals at a high level, with soul and love, will serve you any time!