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About hotel “Muscat”.

How does a new city for a traveler start? From the hotel.

The first thing that makes a person who set foot on a new land is looking for a place to live. Having looked around, the guest chooses a place pleasant to the eye, reliable, cozy, and, importantly, accessible by his means. And if there are a lot of such places in the city, a sophisticated tourist or a business traveler will stop at the hotel where all these qualities are implemented to the maximum.

Hotel “Muscat” harmoniously combines everything necessary for the traveler. The location of the hotel in the heart of Kherson makes it convenient to enter the business part of the hotel, while at the same time not depriving the guests of the opportunity to walk to the beautiful central park or on the main pedestrian street of the city in just a few minutes walk.

Magnificent beautiful rooms in different styles will give their inhabitants a wonderful rest for the whole stay in our city. Affordable at a price, but in no way inferior in comfort economy rooms of the Muscat hotel make it one of the most attractive hotels in the city of Kherson.

A wonderful restaurant will allow you to have a dinner in privacy, and celebrate a successful deal with a business partner, and hold a corporate party in a large company of colleagues. The choice of dishes will certainly leave you the best impressions of the mastery of the chef of the restaurant

Fine memories of the unobtrusive mastery of the staff of the Muscat Hotel from the first moment will be firmly connected with the traveler with the concepts “Kherson”, “hospitality”, “style”, “beautiful rooms”, “comfort” and “high level”.

We are ready to fully provide you with a wonderful holiday, which you deserve.

And the staff of our hotel will help you in this!

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